Tuesday, July 7, 2015


  My C4T#3 was on Angela Maiers blog.

  SUMMARY:Her first post that I am writing on is, "What Went Right Today? Let’s Write Our Own Narrative. #BreaktheCode". Maiers says the U.S. education system is very negative and tends to focus on everything that is going wrong, instead of anything that is going right. Society like news stories that get them mad and worked up over an issue. She says the main reason for the negative aim of many tales about U.S. education is the hesitation of teachers to boast about all the successes that are occurring in the classroom. If teachers won't boast about themselves, they should boast about their schools successes, their students, and their colleagues. At the end of every school day ask yourself, “What Went Right Today?”, and when you find that answer, share it with everyone.

  COMMENT: I love this post! Negativity weighs down students and teachers alike. Teachers should come to school excited to teach and learn, and expectant that their day in the classroom will have been fruitful for the students! I'm glad this post was recommended to me in my EDM 310 class at USA!

  SUMMARY: Another post of hers that I am writing on is, "Let’s Close the Passion Gap". Passion is not a word often brought up when it comes to education. One is more likely to hear words like standardized, common core, assessment, etc. Maiers says, "There is a passion gap in education, and students are disappearing into it, and drowning in ennui." 88% of Americans cannot contribute their full potential because they do not have a passion for their job. Passion is key in the real, working world. Passion is the genius of all geniuses. Passion driven workers are fiercely innovative, endlessly creative, and confidently unstoppable.

  COMMENT: Teachers should be passionate about their subject field and for their students to learn the material. If a teacher is not passionate about a subject being taught, the student will not be passionate about learning it. Passion is more than emotion, it's yearning for more information!

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  1. "Teachers should be passionate about their subject field and for their students to learn the material." An interesting way of stating your position. Mine is quite different. I would substitute this sentence for yours:Teachers should be passionate about learning and passionately seek to help their students become effective lifelong learners. Consider the differences in these two positions. Why is my "subject field" so important? We should be passionate about all learning, and encourage it in all fields!