Friday, July 17, 2015

Blog Post 14 - Teaching Can Be a Profession by Joel Klein

  Teaching Can Be a Profession by Joel Klein lists the three changes needed to professionalize teaching. Doing this will make teachers more successful and make teachers command greater public trust.

  The first is giving better academic training for prospective teachers. A lot needs to be completed to expand the amount of teachers adequately prepared to teach in the commonplace classroom. Klein says that teachers need better, solid preparation. The second is recruiting teachers. Klein says America should pick the top 3rd of its graduates. We don't need to let anyone with a college degree become a teacher. The third is rewarding teachers. Teachers need to build a board to review their profession.

  I agree with everything Klein says. The school system already has enough teachers who do the minimum amount of work, with the minimum amount of interaction with students. The school system needs teachers who interact, who are prepared to teach and learn, and who have proper training in the first place.
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