Friday, July 17, 2015

Blog Post 5 Part 2

  One of the first blogs we wrote this semester was on PLN's. When I wrote the first part to blog post 5, I listed some PLN's I often used, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Drive, Skype, and Instagram. At this time, I used those websites for entertainment, to keep in touch with friends, to keep up on current events, etc. Now at the end of our semester, I see how these websites can be so much more than just entertainment. Dr. Strange defines PLN's as "...those people, places, organizations and activities which enable you to learn." These websites can help educators to stay connected, to find teaching resources, to find new ideas for the classroom, and to improve our own teaching methods. As EDM 310 comes to a close, I'm glad I've discovered these other sides to these popular websites, and how I can use them in my PLN network.


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