Saturday, May 30, 2015

Blog Post 1. What About EDM 310?

  Up until i had signed up for EDM 310, I had never heard any details of the class. Once I did sign up, people I knew (who had previously taken the class) began to tell me their class experiences. The first comment I heard was that it was very easy to get behind in the class, and catching up was rather difficult. I was also told that this class would consume all my free time and it would be one of my hardest classes yet. This turned out to be very true. I am a bit worried that I will fall behind, due to the fact that I am enrolled in several classes this summer semester. EDM 310 is definitely not a burp-back class. This class has forced me to manage my time much more than any other class so far. I've also had very few other classes that were so group oriented.

  Like I said previously, my biggest difficulty in EDM 310 will be setting aside so much time for one single class. To do this effectively, I will need to devote a great deal of my free time to this class. Because there are so many projects in this class, I know I will become familiar with hands on ecperience and also using technology in the classroom when I myself become an educator. The only question I currently have is how much time spent in the lab is typically needed to do well in the class? That's all for now!
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