Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Practice Blog Post

  a. Hometown
  b. Major Interests
  c. Attending USA
  d. Personal information
  e. Information about family
II. Education
  a. Why I want to be an educator
  b. Educator's work
  c. Passions

    My name is Rachel Roberts. I am from, and have always lived in Mobile, Alabama. My major interests include history, dogs, and traveling. My plan has always been to attend USA, I never really thought about leaving Mobile for college. My family is currently spread apart, which is one reason I enjoy traveling.
    I want to enter the field of education because I have seen the effects of not getting a well rounded education, and I believe students deserve better, with teachers who actually care. An educator's job is to teach fact and application to students. Not to weigh students down with busy work, but getting students interested in subjects. My passions include dogs, country music, and traveling.


  1. I agree with your idea of teaching facts and applications to get students to enjoy learning instead of just giving them busy work. Your dog is adorable!

  2. Students that are engaged in the learning process will gain the most from it. Welcome to EDM 310.

  3. I really like your point on not giving busy work. I hated that stuff in high school and rarely bothered to it when assigned. I loved your dog!