Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blog Post 5 - PLN

  In "Developing A Personal Learning Network" , Doctor Strange points out that PLN's are always changing, worldwide, opportunistic, free (typically), and dependent on communication technologies. Communication technologies pretty much means social media websites. Dr. Strange defines PLN's as "...those people, places, organizations and activities which enable you to learn." Here are some PLN's I constantly use:




  Google Drive



  EDM 310 Class blog (and other blogs in general)

  Educators that are thoroughly connected in their PLN networks demonstrate collaboration and eagerness for growth.This takes some time and requires planning, but is helpful in the long run. PLN's help educators to use all the social media channels effectively and strategically. After watching Robert Byrne's presentation on How To Build A PLN , I definitely plan on expanding and improving my PLN network!

PLN Network


  1. Your correct Personal Learning Network does mean growth. This growth will be helpful in the long run, to make lessons more effective in our classroom. I plan on expanding and improving my PLN also.

  2. Hi Rachel, I agree that PLN's help educators use social media channels effectively and strategically and it's always changing and evolving. It's a growing network. Good post!

  3. I agree PLN's are a great way to collaborate with other teachers. This is a new concept to me, but I can already see what a great benefit it will be. What a great way to stay on top of whats new and exciting in the classroom.